Waldorf Streichfett 128 Voice String Synthesizer

I bought this voice string synthesizer from listening to sound demos on YouTube and felt it had a place in my voice string synthesizer collection as it was pretty unique and when I say unique I don’t mean that the sounds it creates cannot be duplicated somewhere else or have never been done before. I guarantee that if you own a bunch of instrument plugins or samplers, then you most likely have something that creates the same sounds as this already.

Waldorf Streichfett 128 Voice String Synthesizer

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Waldorf Streichfett 128 String Synthesizer

My first impression

However, you probably don’t have anything that can perform voice string synthesizer quite well this and instantly tweak-able and most likely as fun to use.

You notice right away that this is clearly not a typical synth, so don’t expect to be able to create massive bass lines or anything other then what it claims to be, although with some experimentation you can make sounds that don’t limit you to just strings etc…

I haven’t personally test the waters yet as to how far it can stray from its intend to use, but I can create some plucky stabs and even some low end sounds pretty easily.. although this is not why I purchase this and prefer to focus on what it is actually made for.

After couple days of used

The sound of this voice string synthesizer is very Impressive from my time using it and browsing through the factory sounds and adjusting parameters etc I didn’t hear any artifacts or loud noise or hum.

A few things I felt was kinda missing or issues I had

I tried to update the unit with the firmware download from Waldorf… however I am still using Mac OSX 10.8 the updater wouldn’t allow anything other then 10.9, luckily I have a windows computer and ran the update using the supplied midi file from what I could tell the machine was updating as the file played, however I would prefer a way to be actually able to see if the update had worked properly and what firmware I was using.

An external input would of been nice not a deal breaker though really.

You will get what you pay for?

Price may be just a little steep for this voice string synthesizer.

I’m not gonna list any more negatives and will just say that if your looking for this kind of thing, then you already know what it’s gonna do and what can’t do what it claims to do and what it does it does very well and I am happy.

Not for everyone I admit if your good with synth programming then you probably could make these sounds yourself.

Definitely not a “preset machine” as I admit I thought it may well be it does offer you plenty of sound altering options, it’s just that each patch gives you a pretty good base to start from.

We gave the Waldorf STREICHFETT String Synthesizer 5 star Tech Review

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Waldorf Streichfett 128 Voice String Synthesizer
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