Targus AWE55EU Laptop Cooling Pad Review

Are you a laptop lover the mostly stayed along with it almost more than 8 hours a day? then, the Targus AWE55EU Laptop Cooling Pad 2 fans laptop cooler fits with 15″-17″ is a perfected gadget for you. I know you gonna love it like what I also do.

Targus AWE55EU Laptop Cooling Pad Review

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Targus AWE55EU Laptop Cooling Pad 2 fans laptop cooler fits 15″-17″

Build Quality:

Very good, can be bent if you squeeze it, but never under the simple pressure of a laptop with hands resting on it. Think of it as a big ring binder with holes in the top, and two fans attached in the middle (blowing upwards).


If you’re the kind of person who works in a dead quiet room, then the noise emitted from the fans is noticeable. But then again so is the noise of the wind outside. If you have music on, or are working in front of a TV, or even in an office, you won’t hear them at all. The fans are about half as loud as my laptop fans when my laptop heats up. So in reality having them on can actually cuts the fan noise by 50%.

That being said, if you really can’t stand fan noise you can just not have the fans on. Given that the air circulates well under the laptop, that your machine is raised slightly by rubber pads and that there are more ventilation holes in the product than on a cheese grater, the laptop is well ventilated just by sitting on the chill mat.


Partly already covered in the noise bit, but definitely has an effect. The two fans are excellent, blowing a good flow of room temperature air onto the laptop. I use a program called “speed fan” which effectively lets you control fan speeds in your laptop, but more importantly tells you what temperature various parts of your laptop are.

When gaming, both my processor cores and graphics card got insanely hot, to the point where the air coming out of the fan vent could scold the skin if left too long. With the fans on, the temperature drops anywhere between 6-8C (by about 10%).

In regular use, my core temperatures drop by well over 10C, by about 20%.

All in all, its a solid product, it’s a good buy. I bought one for my self a few months back, and have just purchased one for another family member as we now fight over using it when wanting to watch a film before sleep.

P&P: comes very well packaged in somewhat excessive amounts of bubblewrap, but its good to know they want it to be safe.


Excellent product, one of the best buys i’ve made online in a while. Much better than other strangely shaped cooling pads which I can only imagine become a game balancing laptops on. Don’t buy the cooling fans which claim to suck air away from the laptop, they just plain don’t work.

All in all, great product, great buy. I no longer use my laptop without it!

We gave the Targus AWE55EU Laptop Cooling Pad 4 Star Tech Reward

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