Newest ZGPAX S29 Bluetooth Smart Watch Review

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Newest ZGPAX S29 Bluetooth Smart Watch Review

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Newest ZGPAX S29 Bluetooth Smart Watch Review

2015 / V3.0


I’ve been wanting to review this for some time. However going over the many offerings out there and the many conflicting reviews we have the definitive one here.

Why the ZGPAX – they have a huge product range and continue to release upgraded models. From what I could gather other companies rebadge these products.

Here is my review, note that I’m UK based and I have an Iphone 6 Plus on an 02 contract.

Packaging: identical to a main brand product
Instructions: Limited

First Impressions: From the moment you remove the wrapping you’re amazed by the look and general feel of the device. Also impressed / relieved by the overall size which is that of a man’s larger style watch.

Getting the device up and running: The instructions do help but as stated in many other reviews, it could be clearer, some areas need expanding upon as a complete novice may struggle. I advise anyone that is unsure to find ‘how to’ shows on You Tube.

I put the device straight on to my wrist and pressed the button for a few seconds before the watch burst into life (Yes, as mentioned in many other reviews, 90’s feel graphics and antiquated tune lol, but the archaic side of this device abruptly ends there) with enough power to set up the device (this will vary), you will soon need to put on charge for the recommended charging time (4 hours).

Setting up the device: like any new device, navigating through a new OS menu can be a bit hit and miss at first and the size of the screen being so small, it feels strange, remember that this is a touch screen device, you feel that you’ll never be able to hit the correct key, but surprisingly you do (The main settings to worry about are the time and date as these reset every time you take the battery out (which is incorporated into the back cover), which you need to do every time you need access to memory or SIM card.

Phone Aspect:


As long as you’re familiar with adding bluetooth devices to your phone then this is the standard process, you’re up and running in seconds. Answering calls is simple, the main thing to remember is to ensure the volume is set on full on the phone as you can’t adjust this on the watch, this is suitable for most average environments (forget concerts, factories etc). You can even dial out directly from key pad or even access contacts from your phone (a little fiddly), another option would be to use the phone voice command and set watch as default device (if possible).


Confusing at first due to the SIM slot being designed for a larger SIM Card. I found that if you align the slanted edge of the card with the slanted edge of SIM tray, placing the SIM card in the centre of the tray then carefully shutting the SIM holder to keep the SIM in place works (tested successfully on 02 and 3 networks).


Take into account that I was only interested in BT Phone and independent GSM when I don’t want to drag my phone around, which both work better than anticipated.

Being on IOS limits the options at the moment (Bt text message etc) but when you realise that text messaging on a small key pad while holding your arm up doesn’t look cool and soon causes your arm to ache. You still have many useful functions, like taking pictures and videos, pedometer, voice recorder, playing music etc.

Overall summary:

Great looking device, works really well. The volume on hands free is impressive in a quiet environment, and usable out doors as long as the area isn’t too loud (remember this is only a small compact device).
I have worn this device every day for 2 weeks and found this to be as comfortable as a regular watch.


  • Answer your phone via a watch
  • Use your watch as an independent phone
  • Hands free for car
  • Battery lasts for an entire day
  • Looks and feels like General watch
  • Caller display
  • Receive / send texts on GSM


  • Bluetooth range limited to around 6 / 7 feet
  • Not all functions work on IOS
  • Headphone connector none standard
  • Headphone connector at the front
  • You can’t connect via Bluetooth headset

We gave the Newest ZGPAX S29 Bluetooth Smart Watch 4 Star Tech Reward

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