Lenovo Yoga 8-inch Tablet Review

First things first, this thing oozes quality, it has a nice weight and feel about it and is very comfortable to hold by the round battery pack and easy to use on a table, a tray or just your lap with the “Kickstand”.

It updates to KitKat out of the box, as somebody else said, just sign into (Or create) your Google account as the first thing, then update and you shouldn’t have any problems. For me, the process was simple, took about 15 minutes in total and I had the latest system installed. There has actually been a small update in the past few days to Kitkat, so this machine is as up to date as you can possibly buy.

Lenovo Yoga 8-inch Tablet Review

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(Quad Core 1.2GHz, 1GB RAM, 16GB eMMC, WLAN, BT, 2x Camera, Android 4.2)

People mentioned the lack of an “App Drawer” in various reviews and this worried me a bit as I hadn’t clue what an app drawer was. It turns out that it’s the page with all your apps on that you get to by pressing the “six dot” button and it’s a useful thing to have so I took the advice of some folk on here and downloaded “Nova Launcher” from Google play store. This gave me, not only the app drawer but a very nice set of start pages and useful buttons, it’s easy to use…..It must be as I can manage it, and it …well, just looks and feels nicer than the stock Lenovo start page. Thanks to those who recommended it, via their reviews.

Now then, onto the other bits….Battery life, crikey it’s brilliant! I was used to getting about 4 hours out of a 7 inch tablet but this thing goes on forever, I use the tablet every day for a couple of hours or more and I get at least a week out of it. I have to admit that as it charges via the mini usb thingy, it’s not the fastest thing in the world to get to 100% but as you don’t have to do it that often, it’s not a chore.

Some have said that the screen isn’t that good or clear, well I haven’t a clue what they are used to but for me it is crisp, bright, the colours are magnificent and it has a sensitivity on touch that is absolutely perfect, really responsive and positive. To be honest, I’ve seen iPads and Kindle HD’s in Sainsburys and this is just as good….OK it’s not HD but you would never know, it really is that good.

Some have said that the kickstand is hard to use and a bit stiff, well it’s not hard to use at all, it’s the simplest and most ingenious thing in the world and, yes it is a bit stiff but as it has to hold the tablet up, if it was slacker, then wouldn’t it just collapse? Sorry, but I don’t get that as a reason for some reviewers to dislike it. The kickstand, let me tell you is a brilliant idea and works a treat…The easiest way to use it is not to try and prize it open with your fingernails, just grip the round battery side in your fingers and twist the tablet or the kickstand…Easy and might save a few fingernails!

On screen the keyboard covers about a third of the page, when in use and is really responsive, on my tablet, which is the 10 inch version, i can type with a stylus pen (The rubber ended things that you can get on Amazon or anywhere, for next to nothing) or my fingers and it is a very easy operation. To be honest, the 10 inch seems exactly the right size, to me, for a tablet, you get that bit more room to operate it and it isn’t too heavy. I’m sure that the 8 inch tablet is just as good, in fact my Husband wants one after he has seen mine!! (Maybe at Christmas, Dear, if you’re a good boy!)

So then, why did I buy it? Well I was looking at the Sony Experia, the Kindle HDX and the iPad but they really are a considered purchase and I couldn’t justify carrying that amount of money around, it was just too scary! I did my homework as there are loads of tablets about but I kept coming back to the Yoga, to be honest just for the look of the thing. After reading all, and I do mean all of the reviews, I took note of the good points and figured that they outweighed the bad and I took the plunge. I ordered it on the Sunday night and it was here on Tuesday morning with free delivery, by lunchtime I was updated (It comes with a full charge) and I was up and running. Since then I have never looked back, never regretted not buying something more expensive and, well to be honest, I love the thing!

I realise that a tablet is a personal thing and everybody has a different need for one but this not only looks good but does everything that I could wish for, swiftly and with ease. There are still things on it that I haven’t used as, after a month of ownership, I’m still learning but the Yoga makes that learning easy, fun and worry free. I use it for personal things, sometimes whilst watching the telly, Web surfing, emails, endless lists and the usual guff of mind numbing games, you get the idea, and it handles it all effortlessly. I am sure that if you were to use this for business, it would do just as well and also look good when you are showing it off.

I haven’t expanded the memory as there has been no need but I have taken heed of the fact that a 32gb card is easier to install than a 64 gb one, so that will be my next challenge.

All in all, this tablet seems to do the impossible, it does everything that I want it to do, looks good, sounds great with the dolby speakers built in and doesn’t cost the earth. They haven’t compromised on a thing 5 star Tech Review

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