Sony Alpha A3000 DSLR Camera Review

Sony Alpha A3000 DSLR Camera is the first and foremost the picture quality of this new Compact System Camera is excellent. The high-resolution 20MP sensor is a full APS-C size and so suffers from very little of the “noise” inherent in smaller designed. This camera is essentially a NEX model in a DSLR-style body. It’s much smaller than regular DSLRs because of the lack of a mirror and pentaprism. So you pay your money and make your choice – compact flat slab with tilting LCD screen or more curvaceous, SLR-style button placement and handgrip. Either uses the same E-mount lenses.

Sony Alpha A3000 DSLR Camera Review

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Sony Alpha A3000 DSLR Camera Review

If you haven’t stumbled across thisSony Alpha A3000 DSLR Camera before and are thinking of buying it then do some research online and check reviews. It’s hard to fault except from a semi-pro point of view or ergonomically. You either like it or not. For those that don’t but still want a Sony get a Nex-3 or 5.

Being a newSony Alpha A3000 DSLR Camera

To the market you will need to check your software capability for editing the .ARW RAW files produced. (JPG is obviously not a problem). I discovered quite a few titles were not able to open the RAW format yet, despite it being from a major player. However Lightroom 5 and Aperture 3.5 do open the files without problems. I won’t list programs that don’t support it but just because the manufacturer says it supports Sony RAW doesn’t mean it will recognize the latest format, unless, like Adobe and Apple, they keep their software right up to date. Do some research.

The mostly high-quality plastic camera comes ready-assembled, with the metal-bodied lens in place. Just pop in a memory card and battery and you’re good to go. Charging of the cell is done in Sony Alpha A3000 DSLR Camera via the USB cable and remarkably small mains adaptor. You can buy an external charger but it’s not cheap. There’s also a strap and printed manual in the box but this book is in many languages and in small format on cheap paper. Download the online PDFs instead, they’re easier on the eyes if not so convenient. There’s also some free software to download – a picture manager and a RAW file converter/editor – for both PC and Mac.

Anything I didn’t like in Sony Alpha A3000 DSLR Camera?

Yes. The EVF eyepiece view. This isn’t as crisp and clear as an optical viewfinder. So that missing mirror does have a negative side after all. It works though and cuts out extraneous light when you are concentrating on a shot. The pixel density is just too coarse for comfort and the icons too small on it. Bear in mind that this is still an upgrade to the cheaper NEX models which only have the main LCD for composition and no EVF at all except as an expensive accessory.

Given the many other advantages I can put up with this niggle quite happily.

Anything else missing? Yes, there’s no option for a remote control.

Although rumors has it a £90 wired remote from other Sony models *might* work, I’m not willing to risk an expensive failure. Certainly there is no Infra-Red option nor details on Sony’s web-site.

Finally it really is worth considering this camera given the large pixel count of the main sensor. Yes you can buy true DSLR cameras now at only 40-50 pounds more but they are probably 10-12MP models and even at that price point usually come without stabilized lenses. The Sony is a great step up from point-and-shoot cameras and offers superb quality results but is not a true DSLR.

We gave the Sony Alpha A3000 20.1MP DSLR Camera

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