ZTE Blade S6 Smartphone Review

ZTE Blade S6 Smartphone Review

ZTE Blade S6 Smartphone Review

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5” IPS HD Screen Unlocked 4G

Android 5.0 Lollipop Qualcomm MSM8939 Octa Core 1.5GHz Mobile Phone Dual SIM Dual Standby 2GB RAM 16GB ROM 13.0MP + 5.0MP Cameras GPS Air Gesture Cellphone WIFI

I have tried this phone for nearly 2 weeks now and for the price paid this is by far the best mobile I have ever had. More and more of these contract free phones from China sold only online are appearing on the market, and currently I think this is likely to be the best.


  • screen is only 720p, but frankly I can only notice a small difference when comparing with my wife’s Samsung S5. Being only 720p also means that it does not use up the battery as quickly. Photos look great when viewed.
  • The front of the phone is a high quality build and a few people thought I had the new apple 6 (until they see the rear that is – more later). Sturdy feel, fills me with confidence that this phone will last.
  • Very good camera in most conditions, for both the front and rear cameras. Again I think for this price, this is the best camera you will get for your money (made by Sony)
  • VERY responsive. All apps opening instantaneously and run smoothly. Lovely feel when swiping from screen to screen.
  • Very little bloatware. So not too many unnecessary apps to remove, as I have found to be the case with most other phones on the market.
  • Above average battery life, even though battery is not of a high capacity (thanks to the 720p screen as mentioned above)


  • speakers produce a clear sound, but not that loud when playing music (but perfect for actual ring tones)
  • when holding the phone it does feel a little heavier, as well as a little cheaper than higher end phones. Having said that, it is the best I have held in this price range.
  • camera gives OK but not spectacular pictures in darker conditions
  • metal grey plastic rear of phone is fine, but does not match the front. Out of all the negatives, this was the only one that slightly bothered me. I think they should have kept it white, as with the front.
  • you cannot tether. But this is something I don’t use and neither do any of the people I know. However, if this is a must for you, avoid until the updated version is released this coming summer (2015).


I have given this 5 stars, as not a single phone I have ever had was perfect, but the price for what you get is simply staggering. I even have set it up to my TV to browse the internet and stream videos using wi-fi. I find I am using it more than my laptop that needs to have a HDMI cable plugged in.

We gave the ZTE Blade S6
  • Overall designed
  • Performance
  • Long last battery
  • Apps
  • Pricing
Pros: High quality build Very good performance Camera VERY responsive
Cons: Speakers produce a clear sound Phone is a bit heavier Camera is not good in low light

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