TeckNet Gaming Mouse Review

TeckNet Gaming mouse is a high precision come with 2,000 DPI and 6 Button. Recently my mouse broke so I start using my backup mouse which is a wireless Logitech MX Revolution, however upon plugging it in it starts kipping.

TeckNet Gaming Mouse Review

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TeckNet Gaming Mouse Review

I suspect this was just a quirk of it being wireless but have my mouse break and now my back up not functioning properly I thought maybe it was a USB port problem on the motherboard itself, so rather than blow £80+ on a brand new mouse which may suffer the same problems I just wanted a cheap test so headed to amazon.

Upon seeing this mouse I suspected the worse, it looks very cool on the images so I figured I’d roll the dice and you know what? I’m glad I did.

The cheapness only really shows in 3 aspects:

  1. The lack of support documentation and drivers
  2. The no frills packaging
  3. The “shell” of the mouse is just that, a shell and it’s only purpose is to look cool it’s not really there to aid function.

Now whilst it doesn’t come with much documentations or drivers you really don’t need any, and the mouse is a straight plug and play. I hate paying more for packaging that will end up in the bin roughly a week later so the little box is actually preferable for me.

Now the “shell” is a build quality thing and the only place where you can see evidence of them cutting corners on this mouse. It’s not that the quality is poor it’s that the shell wasn’t designed with the components of the mouse itself in mind. The cutout groves in the side which are usually DPI indicators aren’t actually anything at all, it’s as if there’s just one really bright blue LED in the mouse and all the holes exposing the light give the impression that there’s a lot more going on than there actually is.

Also the optical/laser (no idea what it is tbh, at £10 I didn’t care lol) light shines through the font of the mouse so if you have a dual/tri monitor setup you’ll probably get some glare on the the screen as the light reflects off it.

That’s really the only gap in quality I can find, granted I’ve only had it for about an hour but unless it falls apart in my hand at some point in the next week I have to say it seems like incredible value.

Oh and worth adding I don’t generally buy rubbish, all my previous mice (if that’s the plural form) have all been what most would consider quality products. They include Razer Copperheads, Razer Diamondbacks, Razer DeathAdders, Logitech G7, Logitech G5, Roccat Kone+ as well as non-gaming mice such as Evoluent 4 vertical mouse, Logitech Air, Logitech MX Revolution… you get the point.

I mention this because typically you get a lot of people judging products as being good because they’re not use to quality, I am, and this mouse really surprising me.

We gave the TeckNet Gaming Mouse 4 Star Tech Reward

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