Sony Xperia Z3 Smartphone Review

The battery life is fantastic, as well as having two “stamina” modes, one of which can be programs to kick in when your battery is running low. The PC software is better than I’d previously encounter by some distance!

Sony Xperia Z3 Smartphone

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Sony Xperia Z3 Smartphone Review

Compact US SIM-Free

The Z3 Compact has a quality feel to it.

It’s a bit heavier than equivalent Samsungs, because it’s made of more premium materials. The phone takes a nano SIM, so you’ll need to get one of those if you don’t have one already. It apparently takes up to 128GB micro SDs, although my 32GB card is adequate for my purposes.

The size is perfect in my opinion. If there is one point I rate about (standard size) iPhones, it’s their size and this is very similar. There is no physical “button” to the front, another advantage over Samsung/Apple in my view.


  • The camera is better than any I’ve ever use before. I’ve taken some very good photos and it’s all been down to the phone rather than my ability! There are a whole host of features install and can be add a huge more. One feature I particularly like is that by holding the side button down, it can be set to record video (or take a photo) instantly, bypassing the lock-screen, ideal if you need to record quickly. It operates in a very user friendly way, much better than Samsungs in my view and there are so many useful options that I haven’t used before. It’s assured an upgrade to Android 5.0 in the New Year and I’m confident it will come. I’ve already had a software update which I believe was “preparation” for this.
  • There are “small apps” which cover a variety of uses (calculator, currency exchange, screen shots etc etc) which sit on top of whatever else you’re doing and are very useful. You can install more of them from the Play Store. All of the pre-installed features are fantastic; the email, texting, keyboard, notification settings, alarm clock etc. The only thing I’ve changed is the keyboard, to Google, although the Sony keyboard is still better than any others I think! All of your options for one setting (eg keyboard) are displayed together, so you can change the default at any time. When it comes to deleting notifications, emails etc it’s much easier than with my previous phone, normally one button press to clear them!
  • It’s waterproof and dust-proof to a high standard. I don’t intend testing these out, but it’s reassuring in case of accidents!
  • I could go on and on about this phone, there are so many things I haven’t mentioned or which don’t spring to mind right now. I’ve had it more than a couple of months and I’m delighted with it. I knew it would be good as I researched my purchase for weeks, it turned out to be fantastic. The only TINY criticisms I have are that firstly, when I transfer my pictures to my laptop, it sends hundreds of emoticons with them, wasting time, but I must be doing something wrong! Secondly, if you remove the Google search bar from your main screen, you can’t put anything else in its place.
    5 stars


Another point regarding potential damage mentioned in other reviews. I bought a Roxfit case as soon as I bought the phone and feel reassured that it provides additional protection, especially as the “Gel Shell Flip Plus” one I purchased has good protection to the back and edges. I decided on this as the official Sony ones with a window to the front don’t have good reviews. Personally, I wouldn’t use a phone without a case.

We recommend this is the go to Smartphone for recent market:

If you’re looking for a fantastic Android phone, I would fully recommend it!

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