Orvibo Smart WiFi Plug Review

Orvibo Smart WiFi Plug, a great little device for the price only tested for less than a week but time will tell whether it lasts (I believe it will).

I bought this socket specifically to use with a heated airer as the app for this socket provides a timing scheduler (e.g. on this day of the week at this hour: turn socket on) plus a countdown timer allowing me to control when and for how long the airer should remain on.

Orvibo Smart WiFi Plug

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Orvibo Smart Wifi Plug Review

Home Automation Remote Control Switch Socket for iPhone 6 Plus 5S 5C 5 4S 4; Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge S5 S4 S3, Note 4 3 2, Google Nexus 10 7 5 4; HTC One M9 M8 and More Android, iPhone and other Smartphone.

First impression:

Orvibo Smart Wifi Plug, should be noted however that these timing functions are only available when connected to the same network as the plug (i.e. when at home on your home network) otherwise all you can do when away from home on another network is turn the socket on/off remotely.

Strangely though if you start a countdown timer on your home network and then leave this network, when the countdown timer finishes it will still fire as the socket stores the timing logic as well as the app. Furthermore you will not be able to set another countdown timer until you return to your home network.

With Android app:

Could do with more integration with Android such as offering a home-screen widget and giving more notifications when the plug is turn on (or off) for example when a timing schedule firing. As others have comments, no idea what benefit ‘Scenes’ offers within the app and the socket does make a high pitch noise when turn on (i.e. when the blue light is on without flashing).


Setup was simple although, I had to move my phone and the socket right next to my router in order to complete configuration. One tip I found is that there are actually 2 ways to add a new socket with the instructions guiding you to use the big plus on the main screen rather than from what I’ve found the other way which is more reliable.

Therefore if you are having difficulty in adding a new socket try the AP configuration method from the ‘More’ option in the left menu which temporarily connects you to the socket in order to add it to your network. I found this worked first time rather than the several attempts it took with the other method.


The only thing that bugs me about this otherwise decent device is the placement of the blue/red (on/off) indicator which when a UK plug is plugs in to the device obscures the indicator light to the point that you can’t even see it (as shown by my attach photo). Version 2 perhaps?


I also Investigate the security surrounding this device and it appears when configuring the socket with the app that any WiFi password that’s used will be sent over your home network in plain text so a word of caution.

Also, if someone obtains the MAC address of the socket they would be able to control it assuming they had the correct expertise so be careful when choosing what to plug into the socket

We gave the Orvibo Smart Wifi Plug 3 Stars Tech Review

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