All-in-One Apple iMac Review

Apple have done it again on Apple iMac new generation, they’ve built something wonderfully beautiful to look and, touch, feel and use, built like a precision instrument and as a work of futuristic art, think Bang and Olufsen without the outrageous prices and design cues – much as the non-5k Apple iMac already are, but with the absolutely gorgeous 5k Retina screen.

Apple iMac 27 Inch 4K Display

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Apple All-in-One iMac Review

MF886B/A 27 inch (Intel Core i5 3.5GHz, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD, Mac OS X)

The Apple iMac

It is built like the previous Generation – if you’re not familiar then go into a PC World or Apple Store and have a look, drop dead gorgeous looks, whisper quiet and runs very cool without the masses of heat.

Extraordinarily well built, aluminum and glass with exceptional solid build quality, made to last and made to perform reliably.
It features most ports you’ll want, USB, Thunderbolt, and has the usual latest Bluetooth and Wireless built in.

Firewire users can buy an adaptor which will enable Firewire 400 and 800 devices such as Scanners and Music production equipment to be used with the latest drivers.

If you’re not familiar with iMacs

Everything is built in, the screen is it! It takes up such a small desktop space that you can get one of these instead of a laptop if space is at a premium.

It comes with a Bluetooth wireless Keyboard and a wireless Mouse (which is a very good, accurate and reliable mouse which has a touch sensitive surface which can be use for ‘gestures’ iOS style along with scrolling – this can all be adjusts in the preferences!)
Though I prefer the longer full size wire extend Apple keyboard (the same design) and the Logitech laser mouse so I bought those instead.

It has an HD (1080p) Webcam built in and features a class leading sound card with fantastic sound quality – just read some reviews and tests!

This has a fusion drive

The Fusion Drive is the best of both worlds. It combines a Flash storage drive for speed and a regular Serial ATA for space – and is exceptionally QUICK!

It is blazingly faster than normal hard Drives – and in real world terms this means a faster computer in general to one with a Serial ATA Drive.

No DVD Drive built in, but SD Card slot.

A matching DVD Superdrive can be purchase if you require, I don’t see this as a disadvantage at all, but others may if they’re reliant on frequent DVD/CD Rom use. There is one power cable and that is it! Simple, clean, effective, taking up so little space and wonderful to behold.

The Macintosh Mac OS X

What makes any Macintosh special is the OS – this has Mac OS Yosemite built in, and that is back to form by Apple – after the low points of OS X Lion to OS X Mavericks.

This new OS release is wonderful – it is intuitive, looks great, quick, has everything you need to be productive and with the ease of use, safety, security and stability provided by the Mac OS and the UNIX core.

The wonderful new innovations which effortlessly allow the user to manage his communication while being able to sync with his iDevices such as the iPad and iPhone, Apple TV, Airdrop – along with Droid and Windows devices to network or sync.

We gave the All-in-One Apple iMac

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