Official Xbox One Stereo Headset Review

I purchased this Official Xbox One Stereo Headset in anticipation of Titanfall and to my amazement it came a day earlier than expected. It comes in a traditional Xbox color box along with the long waiting Xbox One headset adapter (which will also enable past headsets to be compatible with the Xbox One). You also get a Micro USB cable and a load of warranty documentation and an included setup guide.

Official Xbox One Stereo Headset Review

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Official Xbox One Stereo Headset Review

Quality build:

Thankfully Microsoft has kept everything simple and easy to use with this one. Simply put, all you have to do is plug the headset into the included adapter and then plug that into the bottom of the controller, once you’ve updated the adapter and headset via the console (you do this by directly plugging the controller into the console using the USB cable included and the update should automatically pop up.

If it doesn’t then go to settings>System>Controller Update and it should take a few minutes at most).

Stereo clear sound:

Now this is a Stereo headset so pretty much the best way I can describe them is like having the TV speakers directly over your ears. Do not confuse these with a surround sound headset (for 99% of people stereo headsets are more than adequate to provide a decent gaming experience).

The depth and quality of audio output this headset has is pretty impressive especially when you take into account it works directly off the controller and take into account the price. Now I paid £59.99 which is the RRP and I would advise you pay no more, the reason I say this is I have noticed a few websites and indeed my local gaming store selling them at a premium which in my view isn’t right.

Overall my personal opinion:

Construction wise its ok, not bad but certainly nothing to write home about. They haven’t use any high quality parts nor have they skimp and use very cheap and tacky plastic, it’s somewhere in the middle which is to be expect for the very reasonable price. Certainly it should last a good many years if you look after it.

The headset is all black with parts in matt finish and other areas like the head strap in gloss. Adjustment wise you can extend it on either side so people with larger or indeed smaller heads will be able to get comfy, the ear pods themselves pivot individually so comfort takes priority with these.

The speakers are in an “over ear” configuration meaning the padding surrounding the speakers surround your ears, this in turn blocks virtually all outside noise and isolates you in the gaming experience. The padding is soft and comfy for long gaming sessions although I wish it was slightly firmer (although that is a personal preference so you may find them perfect).

The microphone boom (arm) is located on the left hand side and can be folded down to your mouth when you want to talk or folded up if you just want to game audio. Speaking of listening not only do my friends say my voice sounds clear but you can use this headset with a PC, Mobile and indeed personal MP3 player to listen to music and the audio quality is spot on.

Now onto the adapter which comes included with the headset and indeed is essential to use. There is volume up and down buttons as well as a mute button, the thing I like about the adapter is you can independently select the volume for both chat and in-game audio separately, so everyone will be able to find the correct balance! Oh, by the way did I mention that the adapter itself actually feels well made from sturdy plastic!


Very easy to find a comfortable position on your head * ear pads are comfy * both chat and game audio is clear and very good quality * the headset and adapter feel durable * Works with PC, Mobile and any device using a standard headphone jack * excellent price considering you also get the adapter so you can use 3rd party headsets * draws its power from the controller so no long wires trailing to the console


They’re not destruction proof meaning they could quite easily break if you don’t look after them * microphone arm only swings one way meaning it has to be worn on the left hand side (but I’m nit picking)


A stereo headset that plugs into the controller so essentially it’s a wireless headset as there are no wires trailing across the floor. The audio quality is pretty impressive and I can’t fault it for the price I paid, when you take into account it can also be use with other devices like a PC it gets better and better.

Sure there are better stereo headsets out there but you’re going to be spending significantly more to get any marked improvement in terms of quality. So considering all I have mentioned I think this is the only headset the vast majority will ever need!


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