Numark DJ 2 Go Review

To get the most important point out of the way, Numark DJ 2 GO can supply Virtual DJ LE Lite software v7.0.2. You get a trial of a more fully featured software (which I haven’t yet tried) but as buying the full Virtual DJ costs around 4 times the price, I don’t think to consider full software Lite version.

Numark DJ 2 Go Review

Numark DJ 2 Go Review

(Ultra-Portable USB DJ Controller for Mac or PC)

The Numark DJ 2 GO controller

It connects to the computer via USB. It doesn’t have any audio inputs or outputs.

I have a cheap 5.1 sound card (similar to External Sound Card USB 6 Channel 5.1 Audio) and I used that and my Windows 7 Intel Atom Netbook to try the Numark DJ 2 GO as that was what I wanted to use it with (rather than a larger and heavier laptop or PC) and to my surprise it worked flawlessly.

The unit produces a stereo mixed output (faded between 2 channels by the crossfader) and a headphone output (either channel selected on a cue button but sadly not the mix output).

If your music library is in one PC folder you can scroll through it on the Numark DJ 2 GO (or search for part of the title or artist from the ID3 tags) and if you press load it loads into the channel (or perhaps more accurately player) not running.


In general, both software and hardware do exactly what you would expect.

There is lots more the software could do (and in the full version probably does do !) but for playing tunes at a party this, a sound card and a small laptop will do most of what I used to do with twin Garrard SP25s and slip mats a couple of decades back.

The main point to note is that with Virtual DJ LE lite there isn’t a way of getting each individual player out cleanly even if your sound card has enough channels. For 99% of users I’m sure this wouldn’t be an issue.

Cons & Conclusion

Personally I would prefer a version closer to the “traditional” twin 19″ CD player and I’ve dabbled with the KAM KHD2000 which was fairly close to what I was looking for but I haven’t yet made the switch to it.

We gave the Numark DJ 2 Go 3 Stars Tech Review

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