Neet WiFi Wireless Music Receiver Review

Neet WiFi Wireless Music Receiver with my music setup is an unashamed combination of 20th and 21st century – my trusty old Rotel amp and Mission speakers still sound great and I’m loathe to part with them, but my entire music collection now exists in digital form and it rarely occurs to me to get a CD out of its box. I’d been relying on my Samsung TV to play back MP3s (and increasingly FLAC files) through the hifi system but wasn’t happy with the clunky app and the fact that the TV always had to be on. The alternative of playing the music from my Cowon X7 through the amp was fine, but not exactly convenient.

Neet WiFi Wireless Music Receiver

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Neet WiFi Wireless Music Receiver Review

AIRPLAY + DNLA – for APPLE (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac), ANDROID (phones, tablets), WINDOWS (Laptop, PC) – High quality wireless audio streaming – Wolfson DAC – Turn your Speaker Dock, stereo Hi-Fi, home theatre etc. into a wireless sound system.


  • Enter the Neet WiFi Music Receiver – a bit of technological witchcraft that simply plugs in and works beautifully.
  • Setup wasn’t difficult – just know that you need to find the receiver using your Android or iOS settings first, to put in the password, before it can access the full wifi network and media servers. Once that’s done, the receiver automatically shows up as a renderer option in the relevant media streamer app.


For a no-fuss approach I use Serviio on my pc as the media server and control playback with my Moto G running BubbleUpnp. It really couldn’t be simpler. All my files, a mishmash of WMAs and MP3s of varying bitrates and a growing collection of FLACs, play perfectly. There’s very little lag and I’ve experienced no drops or stutters. Volume can be controlled from the phone using its hardware buttons (saving me the effort of getting off the sofa to turn the amp’s dial by hand…) For ease and convenience, this setup would be hard to beat.


I’m sure that there are far better DACs out there which would give an improvement in sound, but I have absolutely no complaints about the job this £33 marvel is doing. Classical music is clear and detailed, funk tracks are full and bass-y, vocals are warm without being mushy. When I first plugged the device in, I wasted nearly half a day just skipping around my music collection and grinning at everything I heard.

Prior to buying this I’d been on the point of ditching my old amp and tuner in favor of a new whistles and bells amp/receiver but was putting it off as I didn’t want to spend a huge amount and wasn’t convinced that anything in my price range would sound as good as the separates I already own. The Neet receiver has given me the best of both worlds for a budget price. Recommended. 

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