GoPro HERO4 Adventure camcorder review

I think I have GoPro HERO4 Adventure camcorder or we can say Go-Pro-I-tus and have to find all the relevant bits to make it work in the various places I want it to work.

It was very easy to set up. You need to buy a separate Micro SD card as once isn’t provide by default. It is so small and cute even in the waterproof housing that it comes with. The fittings are good quality and think they will cope with our demands.


GoPro HERO4 Adventure camcorder review

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GoPro HERO4 Adventure camcorder review


So far I’ve bought the chest strap for my husband to use for skiing as his ski helmet is just too curvy to get a good fix (even with the curved mounts) but my daughter and I both have the clips on our helmets so that we can swap with him and possibly get some footage of him.

We finally decided not to buy the actual ‘helmet mount’ as we didn’t want to take selfies and as we wear our goggles on the front of our helmets when not in use, we wanted the camera to be mounted on the top – this also stopped the weight of the camera pushing the front of the helmet down.

I’ve bought the dog harness because we think that would be very funny at the beach, not sure it will cope with the woodland walks as they might come back without the camera! The harness is well made and fits my Labradors really well.

We’ve bought the bike mount – obviously for bikes and I’ve just bought the Roll Bar Mount with the hope that it will fit around a Laser Dinghy mast or boom.

We’ve purchased the anti-fog patches for those conditions such as snow and water as we believe the housing can fog up. These can be reuse if you dry them out in the oven (up to four times apparently).


  • The camera takes good pictures and video. Tried various different speeds and all works well. We downloaded the free Go Pro App for the phone which allows you to take control of the camera from your phone but be aware, with WiFi running on the camera, the battery went down much faster than usual. We tend to switch the camera WiFi on when we need it (simply hold and press the side button until the blue light turns on and then communicate with it through the phone. The phone app allows you to watch what the camera is seeing, when to start/stop filming, changing the settings.
  • It coped well in different light conditions including night-time in the house, going from very bright sunlight into wooded areas and the definition is amazing, when you zoom into the images, the clarity is simply brilliant. We haven’t done much filming at 4k as we don’t have any TV’s with this clarity and to be honest the 1080 p is outstanding.
  • We have ordered a Smart remote for it, so just waiting for that to come. This will allow us to strap the remote onto our wrists, etc. to control the camera more easily as we don’t always want to take the phone out to change the settings, etc.
  • We used the Go Pro free video editing software to view the filming and to edit the clips into a meaningful video. This is quite a simplistic program but very easy to use and helps to generate quick videos for family viewing.


  • The battery life: is not so good for long video shooting
  • No Zoom: it’s fix lens, No zoom. so, you can get a very narrower fields of view modes.

We gave the GoPro HERO4 Adventure camcorder 5 star Tech Review

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