Garmin Forerunner 610 Running Watch Review

Garmin Forerunner 610 is one of another sport watch for you that loving to live in heathy life. You are looking to invest in a decent sports watch? You do some online research, you think about the functions, specifications, the design, the prices and you narrow it down to a few choices. You start to actively read reviews and if you are like me you filter for 4 star products or better.

Then you read some of the the one star ratings and if you are like me, you convince yourself that the cheesed off customers are either nutters, didn’t understand the product, or got a dodgy unit (which sometimes happens). Then you ignore these ratings and if the price is right you go ahead and buy your new toy.

Garmin Forerunner 610

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Garmin Forerunner 610 Running Watch Review

GPS Running Watch with Heart Rate Monitor

I really want and like this watch. I try hard, I really do, within a month of purchasing it the heart rate monitor starting to misbehave. Big jag spikes in the data, gaps, weird stuff and general difficulties getting the watch to communicate with the device. After about six months it completely died.

I spend time online looking for fixes, clean it, change the batteries, reset it blah blah. Nothing doing. About the same time, I notices one of the pins in the watch strap start to work loose. The strap is good and beefy but the end of the strap where the pin is attach is poorly made.

The pins only has to move a few millimeters side to side and the strap detaches altogether. You could push it back in with a fingernail but it works its way out again. I found myself running with the watch in my pocket.

Touch screen:

I also noticed a small crack appearing in the touch screen. I categorically maintain that the watch was never dropped or knocked off anything but there it was – a crack in the screen of my expensive watch.
Thoroughly annoyed at this point, I contacted Garmin support. They promptly sent me a replacement HR monitor and watch strap but I was out of luck with the screen. Not covered. Tough.

The replacement HR monitor:

Work again for about six months and then died too. The new watch strap came apart after three months – a different issue this time but the same net result – a watch that cannot be worn on the wrist. As other reviewers flagged, I also got a lot of rust building up on the back of the watch. Ever heard of stainless steel, Garmin?

The Garmin connect software is OK, but not great overall. It can be quite unresponsive and the interface is not that intuitive. Looks more like a college project than professional grade software.

Apps & Navigation:

The final straw for me is the touchscreen. Navigable at best, it has more or less completely died at time of review. Resetting, calibrating, swiping until I’m blue in the face occasionally gets a response. My most recent attempt to use the watch on a run resulted in me changing the language setting to Spanish, where it currently remains.

My wife keeps giving me these pitying ‘why did you waste your money’ looks every time she sees me frantically swiping the screen to no avail. Why indeed?

I have never been more disappointed with a product than this one. I’ve reviewed a few duds over the years but never one that promised so much, cost me so much and delivered so little. If you’re like me, you’ll read my cautionary tale and buy the watch anyway. Just don’t say you weren’t warned.

We gave the Garmin Forerunner 610 Running Watch 2 Star Tech Review

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