Epson EH-TW5100 Projector Review

I’ve had this Epson EH-TW5100 Projectors for years and tend to hold on to them, so I’m not an addicted upgrader. My old unit is the INFOCUS Screenplay, which through the years has seen off many supposedly superior units (all down to the top notch video chip inside, the Infocus wasn’t HD but extracted every last pixel and displayed it without compromise).

Epson EH-TW5100 Projector Review

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Epson EH-TW5100 Projector Review

Full HD 1080p 3D Home Cinema and Gaming

Anyway I felt it was time to go 1080HD on my projection, most of my films stored on my hard drive are now HD!

I always read reviews and dip in and out of the projector world to see who’s producing good products, this is where Epson seemed to be constantly introducing good quality projectors.

If I compare to the Screenplay which is now around 13years old and is DLP based.

We can see how far things have moved on

  1. Sharpness- the Epson is just so far ahead it’s astounding, the 1080p is breath-taking. The infocus seems very soft
  2. Brightness- the Epson can show a picture during the day, the infocus has no chance
  3. People comment on fan noise, well I’m sorry just don’t get a projector then!
  4. Placement- the Epson is designed for normal sized rooms, so it’s got a relatively short throw, the Infocus is long throw and can be mounted a lot further back.
  5. Both projectors have keystone correction, here’s where you can see where the Infocus’s better internals are apparent. I can get a perfectly square picture on the screenplay, the Epson struggles a little.
  6. Border alignment- never realised this was an issue until I used the Epson, the screenplay will resize or give you the option to get the picture edge perfect, the Epson struggles a little with different sources, HDTV pictures will comply to edge, but it struggles with my graphics card, whilst the tv gets it edge perfect (Panasonic) on both sources, I need to overscan from pc source. with the Epson

So can I recommend the Epson?

Definitely, this projector does exactly what it says, I’m not sure about 3D as I haven’t used it, but this is a passing fad to me and I’m not bothered.

We gave the Epson EH-TW5100 Projector 4 Stars

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