Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Computer Audio Interface Review

For those who audio/video creator, musician, YouTubber or even just like a really quality sound for their home studio? This Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Computer Audio Interface is the best for profession speakers that you already have once, If not? let check here for Studio Monitor Review.

Computer Audio Interface
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Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Computer Audio Interface Review

First impressions:

All very Gooood. Well, it’s built by a company which was started by Rupert Neve, so why expect any less than spot-on.

Well built, convenient controls, fits snugly into any home recording/desk environment. The preamps are nice. I play a Warwick, so I know how much character and expression the bass has, so I tend to notice when something detracts from that. This does not detract. Sounds just as sweet through the Interface as it does amped, or un-amped.


With this, you can either have 2 guitars simultaneously, or guitar + mic, or guitar + line, or any combination of the two; or even, with a couple of Y-splitter cables, you could record 4 instruments simultaneously. Depending on which DAW you choose to use.

The Direct Monitor facility is (well, ought to be standard on all Interfaces, but a lot of manufacturers don’t bother) absolutely necessary for recording – and it works well, too.

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Now, Ableton Live 9 Lite which is the program bundled with this – you download it from Ableton, using a Serial Number provided from Focusrite.


I think, better suited to Electronic musicians, than those who simply wish to record their instrument. It’s set up for people who want thousands of pre-recorded drums, synths, effects, beats etc – all good, but not so for me. It records fine, but – and a big but – Ableton has no Tuner function. Also, multi-track recording can be difficult.


Oh, and, contrary to what some others have said about this and similar interfaces – I had absolutely no problem finding/downloading/installing drivers for this – DirectX or ASIO. All work fine.

Part of the effect of changes in the modern age: For 20x less than the price of an equivalent piece of kit 20 years ago, you and I now have access to equipment with which we can do ourselves justice, at good value, from the convenience of the home/practice room. Obviously, you’d struggle to get away with a full band recording, because there’s only 2
ins/2 outs – but that’s not what this if for.

We gave the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Computer Audio Interface 4 Star Tech Reward

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