Asus TF103c Tablet Review

The Asus TF103c Tablet came with 10.1-inch Convertible Tablet with Detachable Keyboard – (Intel Atom Z3745 1.33GHz, 1GB RAM, 16GB SSD, WLAN, Bluetooth, Camera, Android 4.4)

Asus TF103c Tablet Review

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Asus TF103c Tablet Review

Motivation for buying:

I had the pad for just one a month now, I bought because I switched from using a laptop to using a desktop, so I figure I need something on the move as all. At first this seems like a great pick, it’s a pad which transforms into a basic laptop, I can use it at home like a pad and take it out for traveling as a mini laptop. I did some research on the internet about this product and most of them seem pretty positive, its even on the A-list by PC Pro, which is my goto for reviews.


  • It is really cheap for a 10 inch pad, the design looks nice, the back is rubber which gives a nice feel, but I put it in a sleeve so it doesn’t actually matter.
  • In general the product is well built and nicely put together, it feels solid, steady and its probably something you can expect to last a good year or two.
  • 10 inch screen is a nice size, especially if you are going to do some office work on it, thats one of the reasons why I didn’t go for the smaller Nexus 7.
  • The screen resolution isn’t as bad as you would think even though its lower compared to other devices out there, it is definitely nice enough to look at but its not going to wow you.


  • The operating system, it is a normal android load with Asus rubbish.
  • It seems fast when you are just swiping your desktop left and right for no reason, but when you are trying to switch between current apps, it is…lets say not snappy.
  • Sometimes it would crash for no reason, especially on the facebook messenger app.
  • The responsiveness of the touch screen gets weird as well sometimes, as in it will get slower and misinterpret your inputs, although you can just switch the screen off and on to solve this problem, but its still annoying.


It’s the good old saying, you get what you price for. Its a good product for its price, but if you are use to higher end products, you will definitely feel the difference. I am not sure if the problems I listing above is due to hardware or software, but I am looking forward to getting it roots and just install the basic android system and see if it makes it any better. However, since this product isn’t consider mainstream, the chances of someone developing a customer rom for it is slim to none.

Honestly, if you have the cash to spend, I wont recommend this one

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