Samsung Galaxy Note PRO 12.2-inch Tablet Review

Samsung Galaxy Note PRO 12.2-inch Tablet is another new version with 12-inch for all any purpose of use not event works and games play, but also for your kids to draw or sketch whatever they wants. Does Samsung Galaxy Note PRO 12-inch is too big for you to cary around with you right? The answer would be Yes, but when you get through this review, you will change your mine or decide to one very soon.   

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Exynos 5 Octa, 3GB RAM, 32GB Storage, WLAN, BT, 2x Camera, Android 4.4

General Review

The screen size of Samsung Galaxy Note PRO is fantastic and the stylus works great. I have no issues of PPI or colour. It is all an improvement to my old note. I had some minor issue with SD card reader, but that turn out to be a bad SD Card.

It is big and little too heavy if you combine it with an optional cover* it is probably approaching 1kg.

Playing around with video, gallery, internet, music etc it all seems fine. If you are purchasing this device for that you might as well go for a 12.2 Tab. I like the feature where I can put a video in a popup box and it stays on top.

Primary Role of my Device

I already purchased Samsung Galaxy Note PRO So, I can take notes in business meetings and in class. For me, I’m trying to avoid dragging around note pads and textbooks. I want to have everything in one place and easy historical access to it.

The tablet itself is almost A4 in size. When stacked in with a bunch of A4 paper hand-outs you wouldn’t know there was tablet mixed in there***.

In meetings I generally just need the S note. I am not sure I like the new way you add shapes to a note, but I can learn to live with it. I would have preferred an option in the settings to select the old input method. If you have any last minute hand-outs in a meeting it is difficult to write something on a hand-out while juggling the note.

I took the device to adult education class

All my textbooks are scanned PDFs. So using the multi-tasking feature half the screen was the pdf while the other was the S Note. I have to say it really works great, better than I expected. In Landscape mode the screen split in half gives you two 8″ displays (portrait). Resizing the application is easy, if you need a bigger viewing area on the active app. S-Note automatically saves changes which was handy. In a two hour class I wrote probably one page on S-Note and several notes on the PDF. I lost 4% of the battery.

I have used the stylus continuously for 2 hours with S Note while a fifth of the screen was allocated to a word document. In 2 hours I lost about 15-20% power. So power usage should be well within my demands. Hopefully I will get 3 days without having to recharge.

The accuracy of the interpreted pen inputs for quick handwriting isn’t much better than original Note. S Note seems to smooth out the jaggedness of touch screen sensors, which makes it look better, but no where near like a real pen. It is still miles better than a palm device in its day.

Why 4 Stars

I find with all Samsung Galaxy Note PRO devices they seem to make their products fit the bill, but they NEVER go that extra mile when refining it.
The pen is short and thin. It has very little weight and doesn’t feel comfortable to hold. I find the button on the stylus is awkward and fiddly and I don’t have gorilla hands. They could have added a capacitive button to the device say on the left and right sides of the device (for left handed people) or on the screen itself. Why didn’t they stick an electronic eraser on the other end of the s-pen? That would have been a nice touch.

The S Note is again functional it works, it works fine actually. The issue is when you try to write to the far right** or bottom of a page. Why don’t they allow you to reposition the corner of a page to the middle of the screen? This would allow you to rest your hand on the screen. Instead it is awkward and sometimes difficult to write to the end or bottom. This doesn’t help if you are in a busy meeting or class and information is being fired at you. I find I am losing page space as it isn’t worth the hassle.

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We gave the Samsung Galaxy Note PRO 12.2-inch Tablet
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  • Speed
  • Quality
  • Build
  • Software
  • Money


Overall this device is the best for use with low budget price if compare to another competitor.

Pros: - Extra-Large HD Display for Lifelike Detail - Customize Your Tablet with Profiles, Dashboards, and More - Take Handwritten Notes and More with the S Pen - Share Your Tablet with Multi User Mode - Affordable price
Cons: The quality build is cheap and easy to break plastic

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