CANON EOS 7D MARK II NU camera Review

There are 2 options for a Canon at this price range, the Canon EOS 7D Mark II or the Canon EOS 6D. It all depends on what you shoot the most. For mainly landscapes/portraits then the 6D with it’s full size sensor is certainly the winner for higher quality output, especially for large prints. (But make sure that your range of lenses will fit it, EF-S won’t!) It’s also lighter and has Wi-Fi,,although no on camera flash. But it has fewer AF points and also does not analyse as much of the scene to get your exposure right quickly, probably not a problem for these scenarios

CANON EOS 7D MARK II NU camera Review



For shooting wildlife or anything like kids/pets running about as well as general photography the 7D Mk2 is more expensive, has the “cropped sensor” loses out on wi-fi feature but gains on having a flash on camera. Compared to the “older” 7D. There is a world of difference apart from a higher pixel sensor. It has a blindingly fast high shutter burst with 2 card slots a (confusing at first) range of focus selections, which can be quickly changed by your thumb and can easily be set to follow a fast moving subjects, as well as the points/and/or areas covered. It’s not clear how to best utilise this until you download a large file from Canon (free) that shows the variables in great detail.

It features selectable types of video recordings and speeds, all at HQ and selectable types of “focus following” to suit a range of scenarios. In fact, the various combinations are almost overkill, you really need to keep reading the manual and playing and experimenting to get to grips with it, having upgraded from a 7D I must say that the speed of autofocus is outstanding, and having got used to it, I find that providing I decide on what type of shooting I want in advance, (i.e still life or action), it is certainly an improvement on image quality over the 7D, and perfectly acceptable even to A3 levels. Just decide if you really need the features, a 6D is cheaper, an (obsolete) 7D VERY cheap, and a 70D an acceptable alternative.

Personally I really like this camera, and am getting better results by the day, it’s an improvement over my previous one, is it worth the extra? Up to the individual!

We gave the CANON EOS 7D MARK II NU camera 3 Stars Tech Review

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