Fujifilm X100T Digital Camera Review

I have hadThe Fujifilm X100T digital camera for a few weeks known have taken in out and about and recently to Venice. Impressed is an understatement but you do have to use the camera a fair bit to get the best out of it. Its not just a point a shoot!. There are a few quibbles but at the price I think the camera stands out above the competition.

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Fujifilm X100T Digital Camera Review

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Main features of Fujifilm X100T:

16.3 MP, CMOS Sensor, Wi-Fi 3-Inch LCD

It’s a very retro looking camera and one guy I met today thought it was a film camera. Great by me as I like the retro look and I have the silver and black version which accentuates Fujifilm X100T Camera.

The Fujifilm X100T feels good to hold and I can’t see the point in adding a thumbs up which I have on my Leica M9-P to give more stability. The camera is good and steady and I like the fact that I can shoot in silent mode, something which again is missing on my Leica. Though the shutter is quite quiet on them in any case. I would say that if you do put the camera in silent mode you over ride the flash however and to fire the flash you have to bring it out of silent mode. Why, I have no idea!

I found the menu easier to follow then most but you can get bogged down in the setting. Just try to make a movie without looking at the manual!
I did have trouble getting the on Fujifilm X100T flash to be set to on and the minimalist paper instructions do not assist here. One quibble there and I will go to the CD instructions to see if I can find a resolution there. Notwithstanding the menu is far simpler to use then the menus on either the Canon or Nikon SLRs I have used and its miles better than the Olympus OMD-EM5 for which you need a degree to get familiar with. But don’t think its a doodle, it isn’t but it is well worth working at it and then setting the camera to your favorite settings. If you do muck about you can come unstuck. I inadvertently put the camera in macro mode and didn’t realise and got Focus error reports. Quite irritating until I reassessed the problem.

My Opinion:

My other likes are the aperture ring on the lens mount and he 1/3rd clicks between stops. The speed dial goes up to 1/4000th of a second again something which is unheard of in such a camera (the Panasonic Lumix 100 does go higher) and to be frank I am not sure if I would ever use that speed but it’s there. You have the option to use inbuilt ND (neutral density) filters which is good but again I forgot to remove them and wondered why at ISO 200 I was getting shoots in daylight at f5.6 at a 90th of a second. But if you want to use that facility to slow the shutter its a good feature.

I have never had either of the earlier X100’s previous incarnations but I do see that Fujifilm X100T has a better and larger rear screen and I am really impressed.

The film modes is something that suits me down to the ground. They emulate films from Fuji and they seem spot on. I still use a few film cameras and the digital styles are very similar to the colors casts of the films I use i.e. Fuji Velvia etc.


Are there improvements I would have liked? Yes I love my tilting touch screen on my Olympus OMD-EM5 and for street shooting that would be a great advantage. Maybe the next incarnation will have it. And maybe a shorter menu and better flash.

I managed to get the free leather camera case too and also that’s the best I have used. I thought I would be reselling it but fits snug, does the job and it’s a nice looking thing with easy access to the battery and SD card slots at the bottom of the case.

We gave the Fujifilm X100T Digital Camera 4 Star Tech Reward

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