BT8500 Advanced Call Blocker Cordless Home Phone Review

If every phone, across every platform, featured truecall screening technology tomorrow, the cold calling ‘industry’ would desist overnight. If you’re inundated with Indian amyscam callers, PPI, silent robocalls, double glazing firms, surveys, all manner of other annoyances or Call Blocker at all hours in: this is the landline phone you need. It offers more blocking features than most mobile phone apps.

BT8500 Advanced Call Blocker Cordless Home Phone Review

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BT8500 Advanced Call Blocker Cordless Home Phone (Twin Handset Pack)

What BT Call Blocker is Special?

1. Part of BT’s advanced call blocker rang

2. Features call guardian based on true call technology

  • Ask the caller to confirm their identity
  • Tells you who is calling
  • Gives you the option to accept the call, reject the call or divert to answer machine

3. Friend, family and numbers in your phone book are put straight through

4. You don’t need to be a BT customer for this phone to work

Features of Call Blocker:

  • can store 200 in phonebook
  • as answer machine
  • block up-to 1,000 numbers
  • block call by type mobile, whit held, payphone, by area codes and international
  • do not disturb mode – your phone won’t ring or light up
  • VIP list – VIP callers will always get through even the phone is in Do Not Disturb mode
  • available with multi handsets

Lets face it:

The gov can bring in any legislation they want but it’s all useless if fines aren’t enforced, also useless if companies are based abroad. Registering with TPS is a waste of time too, complaints submitted are ignored by another toothless organisation who aren’t even capable of tracking down telemarketers locations. Even legitimate companies now adopt silly tactics, pretending to call the wrong person then using this as an opportunity to pitch.

I was a victim of cold calls:

I don’t use the word “victim” lightly – constant harassment started to stress us all out, we got to the point we were considering unplugging our landline permanently. This is a real problem for others too, recent political intervention is just condescending placation, ten years too late. Enough is enough!

The images of this phone do not do it justice:

The styling is much nicer in reality. An ergonomic slimline handset, easy to read display and fonts, colourful feature leds and practical design. Personalisation features like wallpapers and custom ring tones. Some have described the unit as cheap looking, but I searched a couple of retail chains before settling on this, genuinely haven’t seen better styling within this price range.

I have been put off by BT products in the past (because of usual negativity towards the corporation in general) but must admit, this is a good product which works. I can’t understand why, in 2015, these features aren’t as-standard on all phones.

It’s also nice to pick up an instruction manual:

Which you can actually read for a change! No broken chin-English or unfathomable tech babble. Easy flow diagrams and step-by-step instructions, idiot proof. The phone does have many features which seem convoluted at first but as you become more familiar, you’ll understand their necessity and use.

Options are highly customisable. For example you can block all international calls, withheld numbers or unavailable numbers straight away (the main offenders). You can screen all calls if desired and block on the spot. You can set to ‘do not disturb mode’, so you only ever receive calls from V.I.P loved ones. Ideal protection for pensioners, who are often victims of cold call scams.

Users can also review calls on screen:

Via a call log list. They then have the option to either block or allow logged numbers indefinitely. Your choices can be edited again later on, if required. Every option is very flexible.

For emergency numbers (like doctors etc), personally what I have done is added a note to my file at my local surgery – requesting not to use withheld numbers to contact me. I’ve added three of their switchboard numbers to my BT8500’s contacts list, they also have my mobile number. This NHS info is also obviously accessible to any local hospitals who pull up your details.

Pros & Additionally Opinion:

It’s good to have the option to remove batteries and replace with rechargeable (in future). I’ve thrown away a few wireless landlines with exhausted proprietary batteries and locked shells before – take note Siemens & Panasonic!

A couple of points not mentioned in instructions : if you plug this device into a landline extension cord, you may see an error on screen which reads “line error”. According to several forums online, this is not an issue – simply hit ‘hide’ to make this disappear. You may also notice handset two has a dimly lit backlit display, which is permanently on when the unit sits in its charger base – this phone is designed to be used with a screen saver, so ensure you set the time on the second handset to make full use of this (it is not a technical fault).

Cons & Missed in Call Blocker:

My criticisms are that I do not think BT should be charging for caller display, especially when they sell numbers on themselves and make sales calls. However I suspect C.D is free for BT customers with a min 12 month contract. Unfortunately the service is imperative when using this phone to block. The other issue is sound quality. I think clarity of audio is quite muffled and it’s only going to sound worse over bad phonelines.


Willing to look past these though because silence, finally, is golden. My landline was not used a whole lot, was literally there for emergencies and ‘the telemarketers benefit’. I now feel like I’ve taken back control of something I pay for. Seeing so many bogus numbers blocked under call logs, every week, will bring joy to the most jaded. Even if those numbers are made by impassive computer terminals which lack understanding of their predicament (a destiny with scrap heaps after liquidation).

Full stars, really impressive piece of kit. Pleeeeeease do yourself a favour, ensure the long overdue extinction of telemarketing.

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